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Extraordinary gold aesthetic 17

Gold is being looked at these days as a possible hedge against inflation and sometimes even as a smart investment vehicle. It comes in a variety of forms, including gold coins and bullion. However, many people might be surprised that there’s a lively market out there for reliable gold pocket watches, both for their aesthetic value and their potential investment value.
Of course, the first thing to understand about what “solid gold” means is that one will be trying to find something that is at least 10 carats (10k), if possible, and hopefully, a full 24 carats (24k) in almost every case when it comes to a gold pocket watch. There’s also a difference between “solid gold” and “pure” gold. The first may not have much to do with the second state in which gold can be found, by the way.
For discussion purposes, understand that pure gold is 24k and is at least 99.99% in composition about actual gold content, with the rest of the bulk being taken up by other alloys or metals because pure gold is too soft for day-to-day use. Therefore, when it comes to reliable gold pocket watches, one should look first for its purity by looking at whether it is 10 carats ranging up to 24 carats.
If considering investing in a watch made of solid gold, also understand that 10 carats are relatively low in terms of how much gold the watch body and other parts are composed of. 14 to 18 carats, if one can afford it, should be the literal “gold standard” for those looking for a nice pocket watch, either for its aesthetic value or even for possible investment usage or as a hedge against inflation.
The most common solid gold pocket watches around today are usually composed of 14 karat gold, by the way, so finding something in 24 carats may be a bit difficult, and the chances are good that any watch found containing that much gold and in its pure state will be very expensive. An example of what a 14 karat gold pocket watch goes for on the market these days expects to pay at least $5500 retail for a finely-made model.
There are also relative bargains to be had out on the pocket watch market, so keep that avenue in mind as well. An 18 carat (18k) antique solid gold pocket watch with a 21 jewel movement and made in 1880 can be found on the Internet from a very well-known online retailer for about $2100. It’s possible, then, that a watch could be bought for aesthetic reasons and use as a potential investment!
Finding a good quality 17 to 18-century style solid gold pocket watch is almost impossible when you don’t know where to look.