33 things you have to prepare for the bathroom for winter

33 things you have to prepare for the bathroom for winter 18

Now that there is a slight chill in the air and winter is well on its way, this would be a good time to start preparing the bathroom for that long cold season ahead. Since we tend to stay inside the majority of the time, what better way to while away the hours than to begin fixing up the bathroom and adding the desired essentials. By keeping an observant eye on your budget and equipped with an abundance of the necessary professional information, it is easy to pull off the look you are trying to attain. First, evaluate what your bathroom lacks compared to the luxury items you would like to have.
So how do you choose between that so desired steam shower over the electric shower or that whirlpool spa bath versus a straight bathtub? They all provide an inviting winter escape for a sumptuous place to unwind and loosen up. You want to get as much flexibility out of the bathroom now and for years to come. If possible your bathroom should have both a bathtub and a shower and also where careful planning comes into play. As a general rule, if you have a small space to work with, it is best to stick to the original layout of the bathroom. Understanding the limitations will help when shopping around for new bathroom pieces. Steam showers require a unique space along with plumbing requirements, but on the other hand, electric showers can be installed inside the existing bathing area.
Inspect the bathroom pipes
One area homeowners tend to overlook is a thorough check of the existing plumbing. Before installing a new bathroom suite or any other type of bathroom fixture, it is vitally important to examine the pipes, molding, and tiles to include cracked grouting. Before the installation of a new vanity cabinet and sink have a look at the seals and welding around the pipes and drain lines. Wear and tear especially in an older home can often lead to rusty pipes and hairline cracks. If the plumbing is old and there were no prior water leaks, when you begin ripping out the old sink and rattling the pipes, if there was a weak spot in any of the metal pipes or tubing, this can cause small pinholes.
The same principles should be followed when installing a new shower or replacing the bathtub. Before the final placements of the bathroom fixtures have a close look at any loose or cracked tiles and grouting. If you leave cracks and holes unfixed, water and moisture can cause severe water damage and mold which is not visible until it is too late. Whether or not you plan to replace the bathroom suite or fixtures, these are all must do’s to prep the bathroom for winter to ensure it is kept a safe warm place for the entire family.
Another way of keeping the bathroom warm and cozy over winter are towel warmers. Not only a great economical way of heating the bathroom, but are superior for drying wet towels and provide a way of storing them rather than on the floor.
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